Saturday, December 5, 2015

Hurt feelings and unfair treatment report.

Why some stuffs look so much confusing for me than to others.
Why can I have so many things done to others than for myself.
Always seems that I am the one who want more of things go well in a relationship than the other part, friends or dates.
Do I look that stupid? Am I that stupid?

Why theoretically I can think I am done with some stuff and practically I just accept the apology we keep going like I wasn't hurt but in fact I am.
I have this friend that I consider my best friend and he also said the same thing, but is not what look like, he never has time for me when I need him, it's always later for me, but when is the opposite I need to make time cause he gets mad if I don't and I don't like to make him sad and I feel bad about if I am indifferent.
Now I am dating this guy that I am really liking him already, but he keeps doing this little things that makes me sad and he always says that he is sorry and he will change, but then do the same thing again and again, when I try to end the relationship, he has this look  that I can't really end it.
I really wish to react differently, but I always think that I would hurt someone's feelings.
Even strangers are so reckless to my feelings.
What is really happening?
Why Do I feel like I am always sad and about to get into depression, I've tried some many times to not feel this way.
It seems that the more I try to be comprehensive, more people are careless to me or my feelings.
Lately I feel so stupid cause I can not do anything about it, as much as I try, I keep failing to myself.
Is there really somebody who can really care about me?

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