Sunday, April 10, 2016

Between two worlds...

"Purify your heart before you let love in, 
for even the sweetest honey goes sour in a dirty container." Pitágoras 

 I'm scare of the day my life will flash before my eyes, 
not scare of the death, but wanna make sure it's worth watching.
I have been feeling so small, it's inside my head, I know nothing,
still learning how to love, afraid, confused, misunderstood.
It's really hard to love people and do not wait to be loved back.
Makes me feel empty, it's like been sinking in deep waters knowing that we will die, 
but still want to feel that last gasp of air leaving your body and expect that everything 
is going to be just fine. 

I just don't want to be afraid to take one step forward.
I'm in love and I wish he's in love with me either.  
But if don't, what can I really do? 
It's like someone always says to me..."if one doesn't want, two don't fight."