Thursday, April 24, 2014

If I could guess...

If I could guess, what to do or what to say...something that makes love arise and bring you to me,
the time will pass and I'm gonna take this felling forever everywhere I go.
As I walking looking at the street, little figures, quickly moving my feet.
Well this is life.
Right now, there are people all over the world who are just like you and me.
They're lonely. Probably missing somebody, sometimes somebody they're never met in person.
meet people through internet sometimes sucks.
They're in love with someone they probably shouldn't be in love with.
They have secrets you wouldn't believe.
They wish, dream and hope for a better day.
They look out the window whenever they're are in the car or on a bus or a train and they're watching people on the street and wondering what they've been through.
They wonder if there are people out there like them.
They're like you and me and we could tell them everything and they would understand.
You're never alone.
Even if sometime you have that feeling that there's not a person in the world who loves you.

I thought I was done with feeling like this.
but whatever...
I care just until I say or write something anyway.
So if you are thinking that doesn't matter what I say or do, well