Thursday, May 1, 2014

We all already got infected!!

What am I doing with my life? I'm so pale...I should get out more,I should eat better.
My posture is terrible.I should stand up straighter.People would respect me more, if I stood up straighter.
What's wrong with me?
I just want to connect...Why can't I connect with people?
Oh, right.
It's because I'm dead.

I shouldn't be so hard on myself. I mean, we're all dead.
I wish I could introduce myself, but I don't remember my name anymore.
I mean, I think it started with an "S.."but that's all I have left.I can't remember my name,
or my parents, or my job.
Although my hoodie would suggest,I was unemployed.It's kind of a bummer.

Well, I think this is basically a better introducing for people nowadays...

Needless to say that, but the internet is here to stay, it`s integrated into every aspect of life, for anything you can think of, internet is there, but the internet is also completely changing who you are.While the Internet does a great job at connecting people from all over the world (usually in order to have regretful sex), just because you’ve met people from all over the world doesn’t mean you have the same wisdom as someone who’s actually traveled all over the world. You may have plenty of information, but without the context of experience, it means very little, despite the feeling that you know how things really work.
I’m sure this one needs no explanation, but just to be safe: If you spend all your time sitting at a desk or on your couch with a computer on your lap, you’re going to get fat and lazy very lazy, mentally and physically, the lazier you get, the fatter you get. I`m not saying that everyone get fat and lazy cause of that but nowadays I think the most are...for some people its worse, because they only realize when is too obese to masturbate themselves...then what?? Depression, suicidal thoughts...
No matter how entertaining the Internet can be, it’s making you boring as all hell. Go out into the world, travel, explore, drink, fight, f**k – just do something interesting that doesn’t involve a keyboard and a screen. That way, you’ll actually have some good stories to tell, some scars to show, something interesting to say. I do like internet myself, but some friends are just out of control, so I need to say it, if you are one of those kinds of friends, please get yourself together and hang out with your real friends sometimes.
I watched a movie another day Warm Bodies and realize that zombies already exist...

*parts of the text I took from the movie Warm Bodies. =)

And remember you can do it! even if you are in a terrible shape already..hehe

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